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Aspire to fulfill your music dreams? If you possess the passion and aptitude to learn music, we will love to have you joining us at The Music Academy!

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At The Music Academy, we offer group courses for students who enjoy learning music collectively, as well as individual lessons which focus on perfecting one’s technical needs and performance. Depending on individual preference and the grade level, our course fees vary. For new students who commit an advanced payment of 12 lessons, we offer a one-time 10% off the total bill.

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To get the latest update on our current opening / upcoming music class intake of your interest, simply drop us an Enquiry Form. We strive to get in touch with you within 48 hours.

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Upon confirmation of your course enrollment, our team will advise you on the payment to be made on the first lesson as well as the subsequent payments.

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We look forward to seeing you at The Music Academy! If you have any further queries regarding admission, feel free to contact us at
( 65) 6353 3252 / ( 65) 9027 9871 or email us at