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Have you always dreamed of donning a rocker outfit while flashing a killer electric solo that wows the crowds off their feet? At The Music Academy, using the Trinity Pop Rock Syllabus, we bring you closer to where you want to be, whether as a rock, blues or even jazz guitarist.

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From basics to lightning fast rifts, our students has been groomed skilfully in the art of playing the electric guitar. Take up our electric guitar lessons and be part of The Music Academy family, where we offer opportunities for students to present themselves at pubs, or other live performance venues.

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Lesson Fees

Adults: Starts from $190 for 4 lessons.
Children (up to 7 years): Starts from $170 for 4 lessons.

Course Syllabus Summary


Grade Initial, 1 and 2

Skills and Techniques
• Play power chords
• Basic blues
• Strumming pattern
• Shuffle accompaniment
• Riff playing
• Up strokes and down strokes

Songs You Will Learn Includes:
• Breakdown – Jack Johnson
• I’m Gonna Be – 500 Miles
• Sheena Is A Punk Rocker – The Ramones
• I Love Rock and Roll – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


Grade 3, 4 and 5

Skills and Techniques
• Accents
• Arpeggiated chords
• Tremolando picking
• Bends
• Vibrato
• Playing octaves

Songs You Will Learn Includes:
• Creep – Radiohead
• Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
• Money – Pink Floyd
• Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day


Grade 6, 7 and 8

Skills and Techniques
• String skipping
• Slide guitar
• Chord bends
• Parallel octaves
• Pinch harmonics
• Whammy bar techniques

Songs You Will Learn Includes:
• Paranoid – Black Sabbath
• Hey Hoe – Jimi Hendrix
• Freewill – Rush

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