Joseph Saleem

Founder – Drummer, Percussionist

Joseph started playing the drums from the young age of 8 years old. His love affair with drumming began in church where he would help his father set up and take down all the musical equipment for his church meetings, as the congregation had gathered in a temporary location.

A turning point in his life occurred when he was 14 years old. Then, he was the drummer for the Festival of Praise, working under the guidance of Thomas Ee and Jack Ho. It is a night that he will always remember, playing in front of a capacity crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. After that experience, he continued playing for his church and within church circles for the Sonic Edge band and the Joshua 21 band (both church bands), as well as for many church-related gatherings, including playing with Joshua Wan and Sydney Tan.

His first major break came in August 2002 when the bassist of the Joshua 21 band, Gabriel Tan T H, and a group of musicians had an opening for a drummer to gig at Wala Wala Café & Bar. Together, the group of them – Jack, Rai, Gab and Joe – formed E.I.C. His journey with E.I.C. has brought him overseas to Thailand and Malaysia and provided engagements for many private shows and company events. The Esplanade is also a place he is very familiar with, where he played for Mario Lajarca Jr. in his showcase in December 2007, the Mosaic Music Festival in 2006 and many other events. On the side, he has given private drumming lessons and also taught a month at Emmanuel Music School.

In 2007, he featured on MediaCorp’s Kids Central channel as a judge for the show “Junior Jams”, for which he tracked the program’s title song “Television Affair”. He also performed on the big stage for Sentosa’s year-end Siloso Beach Party 2007, which saw him share the same stage as Incognito.

In 2008, Joseph had a chance to play for Soul Circle, which comprised Wynne Sandosham, Wayne Gideon, Joe and Bong as a substitute drummer for Wayne Gideon. In July of the same year, he played in Sentosa’s Jazz by the Beach with Wynne Sandosham, Leo and Melvin Wong. In July 2008, one of the high points in his musical career was to open for Chris Daughtry in the Traffic Jam Street Party 2.

Besides recording and playing for Jack & Rai, Joe is now part of SIXX, a local R&B and Hip-Hop band. The band, which started out with 6 members, added in a horn section making it a 9-piece set-up. SIXX recently opened for Singfest, which featured artists like Lupe Fiasco & Kanye West.