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If belting out a song to wow your friends has always been your wish, then you have come to the right place.

Here at The Music Academy, using the Trinity Pop Rock Syllabus, our instructors will teach you the correct breathing techniques, diction, posture and many other skills to make your dream come true! Sign up for our vocal lessons today to begin your journey towards singing better than ever before.

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Lesson Fees

Adults: Starts from $190 for 4 lessons.
Children (up to 7 years): Starts from $170 for 4 lessons.

Course Syllabus Summary


Grade Initial, 1 and 2

Skills and Techniques
• Breathing
• Singing slurred notes
• Pitching
• Swing notes
• Pitching Intervals

Songs You Will Learn Includes:
• Great DJ – The Ting Tings
• Lean On Me – Bill Withers
• White Flag – Dido
• Wonderwall – Oasis


Grade 3, 4 and 5

Skills and Techniques
• Sustaining long notes
• Rhythmic precision
• Phrasing
• Dynamics
• Diction
• Polyrhythms

Songs You Will Learn Includes:
• Umbrella – Rihanna
• Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper
• Price Tag – Jessie J
• The Greatest Love Of All – Whitney Houston


Grade 6, 7 and 8

Skills and Techniques
• Breath control
• Tone control
• Spoken lyrics
• Improvisation
• Tonal variety
• Transition between registers

Songs You Will Learn Includes:
• Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
• Firework – Katy Perry
• High and Dry – Radiohead
• Crazy In Love – Beyonce
• Cry Me A River – Justin Timbe

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